Here  at seaside motorcycle Upholstery we aim to bing your ideas to life…
Maybe it’s just a simple recover to smarten up you ride or to replace a damaged cover … we can do that
A Classic Bike that needs a fresh look … we can do that
New bike that feekls like seat is made from concrete and you want it to be comfortable … we can sort that
Custom design and multicolour vinyl …We can do that
Embroidered deisgns on the flanks … We can do that
Custom seats with Piping …. We can do that including the new sunken saddle piping
We believe the possibilities are endless

What we don’t do ….

Unfortunately we don’t fit any kid of gel padding or insterts, we believe th esolution is to sort out the foam thats in place. With a gel insert there is vo going back if you don’t get the result you were expecting.
We have in the past few years “SORTED” the issue with modern seats that are injection moulded we have a system that works and our customers have taken the time to tell us so


As the majority of ouir seat re-covers are custom we price on a job by job basis .. each one is different so the best policy is to get in touch and start the ball rolling


All our seats are reovered using Marine grade vinyl .. Sewn with bonded nylon thread
When we use foam for reshaping it is all fire retardnent quality
We will upon request use other materials but will accept no resposibility for it durability or colourfastness